Security for forwarding companies

Owners of a forwarding or logistics company know the daily time pressure, the price wars, the increasing transport services and the ever higher security requirements of the industry and customers that nobody wants to hear about.

deister electronic has dealt with these problems and would like to support the owners of a forwarding company with individual solutions:

  • Minimise dangers
  • reduce manual documentation
  • to optimise administrative effort

The key management system proxSafe ensures that forwarding employees have access to e.g. vehicle keys fully automatically and around the clock. All without time-consuming work processes or additional personnel expenses. The fast, reliable and automatic wide-range identification tranSpeed identifies drivers and vehicles so that drivers can pick up or return vehicles even at night or on weekends – without staff having to be on site.

Entrepreneurs are thus informed at all times and create more transparency and control over their entire vehicle fleet – with minimal personnel effort and tamper-proof. These solutions are controlled and managed centrally via the Commander Connect management software.

Secure electronic key management 24 / 7

Selected employees from the administration or the fleet and, of course, the drivers must know at all times where individual vehicle keys are located and it must be ensured that access is restricted to authorised and sober persons only. In addition, the manual storage of vehicle keys, e.g. in the wheel well or a freely accessible key box, is very dangerous and can only be managed in a traceable manner with a high administrative effort. This quickly results in high security gaps and not infrequently the loss of keys and vehicles.

This is exactly where deister comes in with the proxSafe key management system. With this system, keys or even entire key bundles can be stored securely as well as verifiably and issued fully automatically 24/7. The removal and return of a key is always electronically validated and automatically documented. In addition, driving licence checks can also be carried out fully automatically at the key cabinet terminal via a corresponding RFID label on the driving licence. Optionally, keys can also only be removed after a successfully completed alcohol test.

By reducing the administrative effort and thus planning your own resources more effectively, the investment in electronic key management pays off quickly and has the following advantages:

Reduce key loss

  • Monitor access rights of keys and users
  • Modular and scalable system for future expansion
  • Reliably identify vehicles

In addition, clear and reliable identification of drivers and vehicles in the company area is possible.

Entry and exit is essential for smooth operations. However, this is often associated with high personnel costs and is almost impossible to document manually in an efficient and complete manner.

deister offers the wide-range identification system tranSpeed. With this solution, users can reliably record their drivers and vehicles at any time and fully automatically. All exits and entrances to the company premises are logged without gaps. In addition, unwanted vehicles and people on the premises are now a thing of the past and long queues are elegantly avoided.

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