Six risks companies face with outdated access control systems

March 19, 2023

Opening the door to the office with a chip badge, or even opening the server room with a ‘drop’: Just a few examples of physical access control, but it is regularly not up to date in companies. Suppliers, for example, rarely let customers know when one of their systems is out of date, so as not to lose them to competitors. Those who don’t update can get into big trouble. Stephan Gorek of Nedap Security Management lists six risks companies face with an outdated access system.

Risk 1: Critical data and systems are unprotected
An outdated system can cause significant security problems because it is much more vulnerable to data theft and unauthorized access. Confidential information can thus easily fall into the wrong hands. In many cases, this problem can open the door for criminals to easily gain access to critical business systems.

Risk 2: Non-compliance with legislation
Failure to comply with legislation because confidential information is leaked can cost a company dearly. With an outdated system, it becomes difficult to comply with increasingly stringent laws, regulations and standards. This is especially true in sectors where these regulations must be strictly adhered to, such as the financial and chemical industries.

Risk 3: Reputational damage
If it becomes known that a company is failing to protect people, data or property, this can seriously damage its reputation. Reliability and trust, in particular, are two elements that are critical to building and maintaining a company’s image. Building a good image is challenging, but restoring damaged trust is even more difficult.

Risk 4: Irritation of employees
A system that doesn’t work properly causes irritation among employees. They may feel at risk or put under undue pressure to meet security standards with inferior systems. Therefore, effective security systems not only help protect a business, but also contribute to the well-being of employees. And in today’s environment, it’s more important than ever to retain your staff.

Risk 5: Poor collaboration and missed savings opportunities.
An outdated system cannot grow with new users, technologies or ways of working. When data is stored in different systems that can’t communicate with each other, it’s difficult for teams to collaborate. For example, if a manager doesn’t know that an office is usually half-empty on Fridays, they can’t save money on aspects like catering, lighting, heating or air conditioning – at a time when companies are looking harder than ever for ways to save money due to rising costs.

Risk 6: Higher costs
Outdated systems often require further investment to correct deficiencies. In addition, such a system can lead to higher insurance premiums or pose problems for insurance compensation in the event of a claim. Upgrading an access system can minimize costs and reduce the likelihood of unexpected financial burdens.

“Knowing who is entering a site and when they are doing so is critical. Especially at a time when legislation is becoming more stringent, inflation is forcing cost-cutting measures, and there are major staff shortages. In addition, hybrid working since the pandemic has led to even more people coming in and out, making control even more important. A modern system is therefore more important than ever, otherwise the safety of people, goods and places cannot be guaranteed. As an organization, you must take responsibility for reducing the risks. At Nedap Security Management, we therefore focus on continuous innovation and have recently launched the sixth generation of AEOS controllers. Updates are necessary to ensure security, and by extending the lifespan, you achieve more sustainable operation for users,” explains Stephan Gorek.

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