Security Industry – Hamburg Excellence Initiative

November 11, 2022

A good training company with fair conditions and an interesting working environment is the basis for successful training and satisfied trainees. “The Excellence Initiative of the Hamburg regional group is intended to help trainees find a training position in a qualified and efficient security company,” says Jens Müller, vice president of the association and chairman of the Hamburg regional group.

For this reason, the BDSW, together with ASW Norddeutschland, the ver.di trade union, the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce and Berufsschule 27, founded the Excellence Initiative in 2018. This is so far unique in the security industry throughout Germany. An important element of the initiative is the appointment of an ombudsman who acts as an independent link between the trainees and the vocational schools, training companies and the chamber in problem cases. In addition, member companies of the BDSW can be certified as a training company of excellence if they meet the transparent quality requirements, which are checked by an independent body. “So far we have had four excellence training companies and are now pleased to be able to welcome a fifth company in our midst,” Müller concludes. Phoenix Security GmbH has qualified as a new excellence training company, thus expanding the circle of excellence training companies.

Other training companies of excellence are

  • KÖTTER SE & Co. KG Security,
  • Securitas GmbH Sicherheitsdienste and
  • WISAG Sicherheit & Service Nord GmbH & Co. KG.

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