abtis Group acquires majority stake in Ceteris AG

December 9, 2022

With the majority shareholding in the business intelligence specialist from Berlin, the IT service provider completes its service portfolio and thus opens up state-of-the-art data analytics methods for medium-sized businesses.

abtis Holding AG (abtis Group) has acquired a majority stake in the Berlin-based company Ceteris AG with effect from 1 December 2022. Ceteris AG, founded in 2011, is a leading provider of technical consulting and support in the implementation of business intelligence and analysis solutions with Microsoft technologies and has experience from well over a hundred person-years in BI projects. The previous management of Ceteris AG, Markus Raatz as CEO and Matthias Storck as COO, will continue the company as an independent subsidiary within the abtis group. The customers and employees of Ceteris will benefit from many synergies within the group, such as broader skills, greater capacities and more resources.

“We see Business Intelligence as a holistic approach to the use of strategies and technologies in order to generate success-critical knowledge from distributed and inhomogeneous company data. In the interaction within the abtis group, we can bring this know-how to bear across industries, especially in medium-sized businesses,” says Markus Raatz, CEO of the new abtis subsidiary Ceteris AG. With Corporate Information Design (CID), the BI specialists provide an easy-to-understand visualisation for numerical key figures and realise it with Microsoft Power BI and Cubeware. Complex analyses of even the largest amounts of data – such as machine learning and the Internet of Things – are implemented with cloud components from Microsoft Azure. With this approach, data analyses and business intelligence at the highest level become practical and affordable even for SMEs.

“Data is often still a largely untapped potential in medium-sized businesses. With modern analysis methods, processes can be optimised, competitive advantages can be worked out and new opportunities can be created. Thanks to the outstanding expertise of Ceteris in this area, all customers of the abtis Group can now use this potential in a way that is suitable for medium-sized businesses,” says Thorsten Weimann, CEO of abtis Holding AG and managing director of abtis GmbH.

abtis Holding AG is the parent company of the abtis group and now combines the existing companies abtis GmbH, progX GmbH and changeable GmbH with the newly acquired Ceteris AG. abtis GmbH is the expert for Microsoft technologies and cyber security for medium-sized businesses. progX offers innovative solutions in the areas of IoT, industrial IT and digitalisation. changeable stands for contemporary forms of collaboration and accompanies customers in change management and adoption. Ceteris now completes this portfolio with business intelligence solutions at the highest level. With four subsidiaries and a total of more than 160 employees, the abtis group is an integral part of the IT world. The group’s portfolio covers the essential areas of future-oriented IT based on Microsoft technologies – from Modern Workplace, Datacenter, Security via Power Platform, Application Development and Industrial IoT as well as Adoption & Change Management to Data Analytics, Business Intelligence and AI.

The abtis group combines expert knowledge and specialists from the individual companies to form a powerful partner for medium-sized businesses. Each company is an expert in its field, highly specialised in technology and certified. In this way, customers can be individually supported in the best possible way.

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