Azkoyen Group is  one of the most innovative companies in Europe

February 15, 2023

  • Azkoyen Group ranks 17th among the Spanish companies included in the study, which analyses a total of 2,500 companies worldwide.
  • In terms of R&D investment per employee (16,000 euros per employee), the group is 6th in the Spanish ranking.

Azkoyen Group, a leading Spanish multinational technology company that provides automated products and services that enable people to have unique experiences in their daily lives, is among the Spanish companies with the highest R&D investment in Europe. This is according to the 19th.

The study, which evaluates 2 500 companies worldwide, aims to analyse the performance of innovation-driven industries. The report provides valuable information on investment in research and development (R&D) that can be used by companies, investors and policy makers to make informed decisions. This indicator is essential for understanding the global innovation landscape and identifying trends and opportunities in the market.

Total R&D investment by the companies surveyed amounted to €1,094 billion, surpassing the €1 trillion mark for the first time, demonstrating a clear commitment to innovation and a greater emphasis on R&D in the corporate sector. According to the study, the Azkoyen Group is the 17th most innovative Spanish company, with more than 59 active patent applications and 27 new products launched in the last three years.

Among the most innovative products developed by the company are MIA technology, Distance Selection, the Neo Q dual coffee machine, Cashlogy, retail connectivity, coffee and vending machines, IoT solutions, as well as physical and digital payments and high-security access control. The company dedicates 15% of its workforce to research and development, spread across its 8 innovation centres around the world.

The Azkoyen Group has demonstrated its commitment to technological innovation through more than 75 years of experience in developing cutting-edge technological solutions to provide its customers with tools that help them create unique experiences for people through innovative products and automated services.

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