Better positioned against organized retail crime: Checkpoint Systems acquires Alert Systems

April 11, 2023

Checkpoint Systems, a provider of RFID and RF technology solutions, has acquired Denmark-based Alert Systems, an Internet of Things (IoT) pioneer focused on metal and magnet detection in the retail industry.

Since 1999, Alert Systems has provided retailers worldwide with solutions to detect tools and techniques used by criminals to shoplift. These include booster bags (handmade containers lined with foil) and detachers (illegal magnets used to easily peel off tags), which are often detected at store entrances and exits and in dressing rooms.

For several years, Checkpoint has been a partner and primary distributor for the company, which offers breakthrough metal and magnet detection products, including Hyperguard, Metalguard and Apparelguard – a revolutionary line of digital, software-driven solutions that counter professional theft using booster bags and detachers to protect items in hypermarkets, fashion stores, pharmacies and other retail outlets.

The success of the partnership has now led to a full acquisition that further strengthens Checkpoint’s core business of providing best-in-class loss prevention solutions and expands its product portfolio.

Ben Lilienthal, President of Checkpoint Worldwide, said, “Organized retail crime (ORC) is on the rise globally; in the U.S. alone, retailers experienced a 26.5% increase in incidents in 20211 and shrink caused nearly $100 billion in losses in 20222. This is due to criminals using increasingly advanced methods to evade detection – some of which can overcome traditional EAS anti-theft solutions. These include foil-lined containers or booster bags that shield the security tag from the EAS system, allowing stolen items to leave the store without triggering an alarm.
By providing retailers with more information about when and where organized retail criminals (ORCs) enter a store, our new solutions will help them curb ever-increasing gang crime.”

“Checkpoint has long been known for its expertise in retail security, and we look forward to providing our retail customers around the world with an even stronger loss prevention offering that addresses all retail security needs.”

Troels Falkenberg, CEO of Alert Systems, added:
“The acquisition of Alert Systems by Checkpoint Systems is the logical next step in our shared mission to combat retail crime. In the face of this industry scourge, it’s important that retailers have access to a robust portfolio of solutions to help them effectively manage the problem, and we know Checkpoint Systems is the right company to make that happen. The company has a long-standing reputation in the loss prevention space, and we’re excited to expand our existing partnership into a full acquisition.”

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