MaxxVision signs cooperation agreement with Z3 Technology

August 1, 2023

Z3 Technology, one of the leading manufacturers of video encoding and IP camera systems from the USA, and MaxxVision, distributor of industrial vision components from Stuttgart, have signed a cooperation agreement for the marketing of Z3 encoder boards in the DACH region. The Z3 boards are compatible with Sony FCB series zoom camera modules and Tamron MP block cameras, which MaxxVision also distributes. They are suitable for industrial applications, inspection, security/surveillance and UAV tasks.

H.265 streaming with low bandwidth and low latency
Z3 Technology’s H.265/H.264 encoder boards feature the latest compression technology, allowing high-quality video to be streamed over low bandwidth and with low latency.

Single- and Dual-Camera Use
The boards can be connected to one or two cameras – such as a visible light (VIS) camera and an IR or thermal imaging camera.

Ideal for CCTV applications
Thanks to ONVIF compatibility and support of the Pelco D protocol, the boards are ideal for use in security / CCTV applications. VISCA and IR camera commands are sent via IP through the Z3 web interface or an HTTPS API.

“We are delighted that Z3 has chosen us as their technology and distribution partner,” says MaxxVision Managing Director Sayed Soliman. “The IP boards are a perfect complement to our existing range of interface options for Sony and Tamron block cameras and allow us to offer our customers high-performance encoder solutions for video transmission via IP.”

“MaxxVision is the ideal partner for us to market our boards in German-speaking Europe,” said Aaron Caldwell, CEO of Z3 Technology. “With its broad market access and decades of experience with Sony camera modules, MaxxVision is well positioned to provide technical and sales support to our target customers.”

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