New opening of the Checkpoint Systems Customer Experience Center

November 22, 2023

Experience trends in merchandise security, management and RFID before visiting trade fairs

Theft prevention and efficient merchandise management are key measures for reducing losses and inventory discrepancies. At Checkpoint Systems’ newly opened Customer Experience Center, interested parties now have the opportunity to view and experience new solutions from these areas in practical settings and receive advice from experts on site in Hirschhorn. One focus of the experience center is on RFID technologies that guarantee a new level of goods tracking and information transmission.

From clothing to spirits to fresh food – the advances in securing and managing goods of all kinds are enormous. “In our Customer Experience Center, retailers and other interested parties now have the opportunity to take a close look at the industry’s latest solutions and test them for their needs – before trade fair demonstrations and other public market launches. A real knowledge advantage,” explains Hans-Jürgen Nausch, Business Unit Director Germany at Checkpoint Systems. “To make this as practical as possible, we have set up a complete fashion store and department store environment here, among other things.”

The Customer Experience Center is divided into four areas and includes the following solutions, among others:

  • – NEO and EVOLVE checkout and checkout solutions
  • – RFID solutions for improved inventory accuracy, visibility and tracking
  • – Alpha Solutions for products that are particularly vulnerable to theft
  • – the innovative modular SFERO loss prevention system for optimum merchandise security
  • – Labels for specific applications
  • – RFreshID for the inventory overview of fresh food
  • – RFID for reusables such as returnable packaging
  • – and much more.

Anyone who would like to see the Checkpoint Systems solutions for themselves and take an expert-guided tour of discovery into the future of retail can now do so at the Customer Experience Center. It is located at the Checkpoint Systems headquarters in Hirschhorn.

Appointments for a personal tour can be made via the following link:

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