secustack dissolved and reorganized

February 1, 2024

The secustack cooperation, in an independent company form, was created so that the two partners secunet and

the two partners secunet and Cloud&Heat pooled their many years of expertise in the field of security solutions and the operation of OpenStack-based cloud infrastructures. This is now being reorganized.

Cloud service and cloud technology provider Cloud&Heat Technologies and Germany’s leading cybersecurity company and IT security partner of the Federal Republic of Germany secunet have dissolved their joint subsidiary secustack by mutual agreement at the end of 2023, but will strengthen their direct cooperation. Following the dissolution of secustack GmbH, the activities of the joint subsidiary will be continued in the secunet product SINA Cloud.

The SecuStack technology stack has been part of the SINA Cloud since 1 January 2024 and will be further developed by secunet subsidiary SysEleven. For existing customers, maintenance of the SecuStack product is still contractually guaranteed.

“I am delighted to have founded secustack together with Dr Marius Feldmann from Cloud&Heat, thereby laying an essential foundation for the development and operation of secure cloud infrastructures. In the new constellation, secustack’s approach and technological achievements will be in good hands and contribute to the optimisation of our product portfolio. With Cloud&Heat, we also have a strong partner at our side with whom we can work together on the future of KRITIS-compliant digital infrastructures,” says Dr Kai Martius, Chief Technology Officer at secunet.

secustack was founded in March 2019 by Cloud&Heat and secunet. With its technology stack of the same name (“SecuStack”), the company provided a fully comprehensive and security-hardened cloud operating system and enabled companies and institutions with security-critical applications to take the step into the cloud. With end-to-end encryption of data in the cloud, comprehensive key management, infrastructural hardening and a wide range of user-oriented options for controlling the keys, a solution was created to protect and control their own data.

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