What makes cybersecurity an industry favourite?

November 10, 2022

The feeling of doing something good and a high level of job security make IT security particularly attractive to applicants.

Trend Micro, provider of cyber security solutions, together with the market research company Mindfacts, surveyed IT professionals about their perception of the job market and potential employers. The resulting study reveals why security is the most popular field within IT. In addition, the study results show what expectations employees have of the industry.

A career in the IT sector seems attractive to many employees. According to a study by Trend Micro, the sector convinces above all with good future prospects (59 percent), job security (51 percent) and an above-average income (48 percent).

But not all IT is the same. There are big differences within the sector, so that some areas are more popular with applicants than others. IT security stands out as a beacon. More than two-thirds of the study participants (66 per cent) see IT security as the most important branch of the IT industry. Although attractive fringe benefits and good career opportunities play an important part in its attractiveness, a higher goal is at the top of the list for many professionals. A full 70 percent associate working in IT security with the feeling of doing something good for the community. Professional security in the sector is also rated highly at 72 percent. In addition, two-thirds of the respondents consider the work in IT security to be varied.

Especially the technically trained part of the respondents appreciate the advantages of IT security. At 71 percent, five percentage points more than the average, IT technicians state the security industry as their preferred field of work. For commercial employees, this figure is 61 per cent in comparison.

“The IT industry is sometimes abstract and employees don’t directly realise what influence their own actions have on the big picture. It’s different in security. Our employees directly support companies in identifying vulnerabilities and protecting themselves from cyber criminals or fending off hacker attacks with countermeasures. We are fighting on the front lines to make the digital space more secure,” says Hannes Steiner, Vice President Germany at Trend Micro. “More and more people care about seeing an overarching purpose in their work. Our study shows that IT security is an ideal area for this.”

In terms of work experience, IT security is of particular interest to mid- to senior-level individuals. Over half of respondents in these experience levels said cybersecurity was their favoured area for a career in IT. Potential is still evident among young professionals: although 37 percent of respondents here also favour the security industry. In view of the rapidly increasing demand for skilled workers, however, it is important that security companies direct their attention even more strongly to the next generation. Concerns expressed by study participants, such as a great complexity of topics paired with a high workload, must be taken seriously and relief must be provided.

“It is nice to see that we are at the top of the entire IT sector with our daily remit and in terms of our attractiveness,” says Hannes Steiner. “Although we are globally active, we at Trend Micro still live the values of a family-run company and want to provide our employees with a meaningful, secure as well as varied job.”

About the survey
Mindfacts, on behalf of Trend Micro, surveyed 200 employees about their job search and decision making through a quantitative online survey. Of the respondents, 50 per cent were employed in the IT industry, and the other 50 per cent were open to employment in the IT sector.

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