BERLIN: GdP succeeds in setting numerous course in coalition agreement

April 4, 2023

Pension limits for police and FW remain, federal salaries and body cams in housing

The two designated coalition partners have presented their draft coalition agreement. The CDU and SPD agreed on a total of 136 pages, which, in contrast to the last legislative periods, also contain numerous important aspects for the area of internal security. The police trade union (GdP) speaks of a well-balanced policy paper with important directions that now need to be filled with life. “We are pleased for all our colleagues that our years of work and the many constructive discussions with Kai Wegner, Franziska Giffey and both parties are bearing fruit and that numerous GdP demands are reflected in the paper. Internal security and the ability of our institutions to act was the decisive election issue. It is the central core task of a state. Of course, the accumulated problems cannot be solved overnight and it is also clear that Berlin’s new state government cannot rest on its laurels. But these decisions will improve our social coexistence in the long term. After the approval of the party base, we are looking forward to the implementation of the points and, as a central contact for the internal security of this city, we are always available with our expertise,” said GdP state head Stephan Weh on Monday.

Top 4 in the coalition agreement

  • Pension limits for firefighters and police officers will be fixed at the current level.
  • Remuneration of employees to be gradually raised to the federal level within five years.
  • Body cams to be used throughout the police, fire brigade and AOD; use in living quarters to be made possible.
  • Amendment of the law on official accidents
  • These points are also included in the draft coalition agreement (not conclusive)
  • 1,000 additional posts in the police, fire brigade and LEA
  • More staff and extended powers for the Central Property Protection College.
  • From 2024 onwards, a new steel boat for the water police every year
  • Acquisition of an own police helicopter is being examined
  • More drones (victim drones) and fire-fighting robots for the fire brigade
  • Dash cams for fire engines
  • Tasers will be expanded to prevent the use of firearms and to prevent acute suicides/necessary legal basis will be created
  • Special investment programme for the repair, modernisation and expansion of police and fire stations
  • Knife ban zones at kbOs
  • Video surveillance at kbOs and bicycle parking facilities
  • Extension of preventive custody to up to five days
  • Promotion of urban planning measures for crime prevention, in particular by means of street furniture as overrun protection and lighting and illumination
  • Extension of source tapping and online searches to combat terrorist offences and the most serious offences in the area of organised crime
  • Legally secure regulation for the final rescue shot
  • Examination of a joint control centre for rescue services and ambulance transport in the cooperative control centre
  • Issuing of parking exemptions centrally at SenUVK
  • Free medical care for the mD of the fire brigade
  • Raising the entry level of the fire brigade to A8 is being examined.
  • Scientific study on causes and dimensions of violence against security and emergency forces

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