Minister of the Interior Herrmann at specialist conference on disaster control in Würzburg

March 26, 2023

Bavaria’s Minister of the Interior Joachim Herrmann at the FUNKE 2023 spring conference in Würzburg: Conference makes important contribution to networking disaster control units – response to ever new and increasingly complex challenges in disaster control

“Networking and getting to know each other, a regular exchange of knowledge and experience, learning and practising together and the smoothest possible cooperation between the various authorities and organisations with security tasks are indispensable for successful preparation and management of operations.” According to Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann, the “FUNKE”, the specialist conference of the Command Support Network Civil Protection Units, makes an important contribution to this. The symposium, for which Herrmann has assumed the patronage, has gained enormously in popularity and resonance since its launch in 2020, he said.

In his speech at the spring edition of the conference in Würzburg, Herrmann said that current and upcoming threats present us with new and increasingly complex challenges. “The number and intensity of major incidents is constantly increasing. This means that both the crisis management strategies of each individual and of society as a whole, as well as our hazard prevention systems, are constantly being put to the test.” The symposium contributes to constantly learning lessons from the past and further strengthening preparedness for a broad spectrum of disasters.

Herrmann emphasised that Bavaria can rely on an efficient hazard prevention and assistance system with a strong network of rescue and relief organisations, fire brigades, the Federal Agency for Technical Relief, the Federal Armed Forces, the Federal Police and our Bavarian police. Herrmann: “But this is no reason to rest on our laurels. We are constantly developing disaster control in Bavaria.” Disaster response is constantly being strengthened: for example, satellite radios have been procured for all disaster response authorities. The procurement of additional emergency power sets, power generators in three different power levels for supply trucks, is in progress. In addition, training at the State Fire Brigade School in Geretsried will be further intensified. Overall, the Free State of Bavaria is investing heavily in civil protection: “In the years 2019 to 2022 alone, 71 million euros have been made available for investments.”

In addition, Herrmann named focal points for a concept for disaster control in Bavaria 2025, which is currently being developed: For example, a Bavarian reporting and situation centre is to be established in the Bavarian Ministry of the Interior. A targeted procurement of equipment based on hazard analyses is also planned. The concept also proposes the supra-local provision of disaster control-relevant resources and equipment in disaster control situations, for example in each administrative district.

Herrmann also announced the further strengthening and expansion of warning systems, which will contribute to a diverse mix of warning means. For example, the existing siren systems in Bavaria are to be digitally retrofitted and expanded into a nationwide siren network. In addition, the use of cell broadcast is a top priority for Bavaria.

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