Positive balance: One year of dashcams at the police of Baden-Württemberg

July 26, 2023

Interior Minister Thomas Strobl: “The dashcams of the Baden-Württemberg police have proven their worth – and the State Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information also praises the dashcam in his annual report 2022”

“Our nationwide showcase system has proven itself! The dashcams are a valuable support in the evidentiary documentation of complex traffic offenses and emergency lane violations.We want to specifically detect more violations in road traffic and are therefore now also expanding our traffic monitoring with dashcams in civilian vehicles,” said Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Thomas Strobl today (Wednesday, July 26, 2023) in Pforzheim.

Due to increased traffic volumes, especially on highways, and the associated problems in forming and monitoring emergency lanes, the Baden-Württemberg police procured 107 dashcam systems statewide a year ago. “Since then, the police have documented 860 emergency lane violations alone with the dashcams in an evidence-proof manner – this is about saving lives. In addition, the police have recorded 19 complex traffic offences – including 13 prohibited motor vehicle races – as well as almost 300 traffic offences using dashcams,” summarized Minister Thomas Strobl when looking at the balance of the dashcam deployment. In connection with the topic of road safety, 97 violations of the truck overtaking ban and 82 violations of the minimum distance by truck drivers should also be highlighted.

Showing the videos on the spot has also proven its worth. “Those affected were literally held up a mirror and could immediately view the traffic violations they had just committed. Almost all of those affected then admitted their violations and were sometimes even downright shocked and horrified at their own driving. This is having an effect, and there is a good chance that these people will abide by the rules in the future,” added State Police President Dr. Stefanie Hinz.

Based on the positive experience with the dashcam system, its use is now being extended to civilian police vehicles. With initially two cars at the police headquarters in Ludwigsburg and Freiburg, the application possibilities of these civilian vehicles will be tested in real operation. Starting with the fight against car posing to the detection of illegal motor vehicle races or even the documentation of speeding violations, a broad spectrum is to be covered. “With the additional use of dashcams in civilian vehicles, we are taking the next step. Always with the clear goal in mind: if possible, no one should be injured or even killed in road traffic,” concluded Interior Minister Thomas Strobl.

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