General building authority approval for Pyrobel fire-resistant glass

July 10, 2023

The German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt) has now granted AGC Glass Europe general building approval (abZ) and type approval for “Pyrobel 16” of fire protection class F30 according to DIN 4102-13 in use with wooden frames. This means that it is now easier for architects and fabricators to use the fire-resistant glazing, which has already been internationally certified for around four decades, without the need for costly approval in individual cases (ZiE).

Pyrobel 16 (F30) is used for the construction of particularly light and transparent fire protection partitions and doors that give rooms structure, transmit a lot of daylight and ensure high fire protection. The DIBt has now granted the general building approval (abZ). The product may be used with wooden frames for the construction of non-load-bearing interior walls or for the construction of translucent partial areas in interior walls and it fulfils the requirements of fire resistance class F 30 regardless of the direction of the fire. The maximum permissible height of the fire protection element, including frame partitions, is 4,500 millimetres, the largest pane size 1,500 x 3,000 millimetres. Corner designs are also possible. Pyrobel has been successfully tested as laminated safety glass, double and triple insulating glass.

Wood is often used as a building material in combination with fire-resistant glass, especially in timber frame construction. Compared to metals such as steel or aluminium, wood has a significantly lower thermal conductivity. Consequently, it heats up more slowly and, in the event of a fire, forms a carbon layer on the surface that slows down combustion and protects the intact wood inside. Although it eventually burns, it retains its structural integrity longer, whereas steel, for example, deforms at high temperatures. There are also ecological advantages: Assuming responsible forestry, wood is a sustainable and renewable raw material that absorbs and stores CO2 from the atmosphere in its growth process. With its natural heat-insulating properties, wood also contributes to comfort in buildings and helps to reduce heat loss.

All AGC fire-resistant glazing has been awarded the Cradle to Cradle Silver certificate, which makes it easier for architects and planners to certify buildings according to environmental standards such as Leed and Breeam, and is intended to enable genuine material cycles in the future – thus conserving resources.

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