Germany: Safe Hessentag 2023

June 12, 2023

Minister President Boris Rhein and Minister of the Interior Peter Beuth thank emergency services for the safe running of Hessentag 2023.

Minister President Boris Rhein and Minister of the Interior Peter Beuth have thanked the emergency services who helped to ensure that this year’s 60th Hessentag in Pfungstadt proceeded in a safe and orderly manner. A total of around 3,500 Hessian police and fire brigade personnel provided security during the Hessentag.

“I would like to thank all the emergency services who ensured that one of the largest and oldest state festivals in Germany took place peacefully and with a great atmosphere. Our task forces of the Hessian police and the volunteer fire brigades around the excellent host Pfungstadt did everything to ensure that the people of Hesse were able to celebrate and enjoy the 60th Hessentag to the full. The fire brigades have once again impressively demonstrated that with solidarity as well as a friendly and professional attitude towards the citizens, every major event and every Hessentag can be a complete success. Hessen can be proud and grateful to have such a blue-light family. They are always there when we need them and that is an important and valuable signal,” said Hesse’s Prime Minister Boris Rhein.

During the past ten days, the Hessentag was attended to around the clock by the forces of the Hessian police, with a peak of up to 320 police officers per day. Since the start of operations last week, the police have recorded a total of 27 criminal offences and around 17 administrative offences in connection with the state festival. These include, for example, offences such as damage to property and theft and 17 offences due to prohibited drone flights, which were detected in the airspace above the Hessentag by forces of the Hessian police flying squadron and also seized in individual cases. All in all, the Hessian police gave a positive assessment of the course of the Hessentag.

“The successful course of the 60th Hessentag shows that the task forces of the Hessian police and fire brigades were once again able to master this great challenge with the necessary tact and a clever and prudent operational concept. They were once again able to show that they are a guarantor for security and order and that they can guarantee a great and safe festival with the necessary care and sense of proportion. I would like to expressly thank our Hessian police officers and the fire brigade comrades for their highly professional conduct and their tireless efforts,” said Minister of the Interior Peter Beuth.

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