“Observe – Recognise – Report”: Cooperation between police and security companies further strengthened

October 10, 2022

On the 5th October 2022, State Police President Jörg Kubiessa and the Chairman of the Saxony regional group of the Federal Association of the Security Industry BDSW, Wirtschafts- und Arbeitgeberverband e. V., Daniel Balke, signed the updated declaration of principles on their cooperation.

Jörg Kubiessa: “The cooperation with the BDSW forms an important building block in the architecture of internal security in the Free State of Saxony and supports our police work to a special degree. Last year alone, for example, the police received more than 1,000 security-related tips to which we were able to respond promptly in order to prevent or solve dangers or crimes.”

“Since its inception, the declaration of principles on the cooperation of the police with the security industry has proven to be very successful and trustful cooperation between the police and private security service providers. As a living public-private partnership model, it serves as a role model beyond the Free State of Saxony,” said Daniel Balke, chairman of the regional group. “The current challenges for public safety and order, which the cooperation partners face in their own fields of activity, can only be solved by society as a whole and in partnership. The continuation of the cooperation partnership with the new version of the policy statement contributes to this.”

More than 20 years ago, the first nationwide declaration of principles between the police and security companies was concluded in Saxony. This marked the beginning of a good and trusting partnership that has lasted until today.

“Observing – recognising – reporting” of security-relevant incidents is the core of the support of the Saxon police by the private security companies. For over two decades, this approach has been a reliable factor in the rapid acquisition of information and the associated initiation of efficient police measures.

The renewal of the policy statement is a reaction to current, above all organisational developments, as was already the case in 2006 and most recently in 2016. A significant addition to the quality criteria will enable additional BDSW member companies to participate in the declaration of principles in the future. For example, it was anchored that the maintenance of a permanently manned emergency call and service control centre in Germany is no longer a prerequisite. Instead, it is sufficient to be subject to one.

The overall objective has remained the same: To ensure public safety and order in the Free State of Saxony and to keep improving it.

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