Herrmann at the 3rd Danube States Security Conference in Brussels

March 26, 2023

Minister of the Interior Joachim Herrmann at the 3rd Security Conference of the Danube States in Brussels: Better transnational networking and more effective border security more important than ever – focus on combating irregular migration – joint solidarity with Ukraine

“Close transnational cooperation and networking is more necessary than ever in view of the many security challenges. We can only master many tasks together, which is why the Danube Region Strategy with its members – whether within the EU or directly bordering it – is such an important platform,” said Bavaria’s Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann after the 3rd Security Conference of the Danube States in Brussels today. The focus of the intensive working meeting was the global migration movement. “The riparian states of the Danube region agree that consistent and seamless border controls are important means to combat illegal migration and any form of smuggling.” The conference welcomed in particular the recent conclusions of the European Council on combating illegal migration as well as the efforts of the member states together with Frontex to effectively control their external land and sea borders. “All have also reiterated their full support in this regard,” he said.

The conference was also marked by the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine. The Danube riparian states reaffirmed their solidarity with Ukraine: “Ukraine is our partner, also in the Danube Strategy. We continue to stand firmly by its side,” said Herrmann. “Only if the community of states puts Russia in its place do freedom and security have a future in the world.”

Herrmann named the protection of critical infrastructures and defence against hybrid threats as further joint projects and measures in which the Danube riparian states are successfully cooperating. “In particular, we have agreed to cooperate more closely in the fight against cybercrime.”

The Danube Strategy covers 14 states in the Danube region, including five non-EU states. Within the EUSDR, Bulgaria, together with Bavaria and the Federal Ministry of the Interior, coordinates the priority topic ‘Cooperation to promote security and fight serious and organised crime’. Further conferences were held in Munich in 2013 and in Sofia in 2016.

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