The supreme discipline – protection and safety of people

August 29, 2023

Entrance room with a table and chairs and broken windows – CONDOR security staff again protect employees of the Magdeburg Foreigners’ Registration Office.

During an attack on the Foreigners’ Registration Office in Magdeburg on 21 August, several panes of glass in the entrance area were destroyed. No one was injured. The perpetrator, an asylum seeker, was apprehended by the police. He had smashed several windows with the stand of a barrier and by using extreme violence. Due to the damage and the resulting need for organisational reorganisation, the Foreigners’ Registration Office was closed the following day. “If you look at the damage, you get an idea of the aggressiveness of the perpetrator,” emphasises Cornelius Toussaint, managing partner of the CONDOR Group. His employees experienced such an act of violence for the second time this year. “Accordingly, our employees have to muster experience, courage, discipline and professionalism in order to protect the life and limb of the employees of the foreigners authority,” says Mike Schattka, who as team leader has been looking after CONDOR’s employees and assignments in Magdeburg for many years. This is not just any security task, he says. “This is the supreme discipline.”

“I am stunned by the aggressiveness and behaviour,” said Mayor Simone Borris. “I condemn the man’s behaviour in the strongest possible terms. After the incident in March this year, when around 20 people tried to break into the Foreigners’ Registration Office, another line was crossed today. The psychological consequences for our employees cannot yet be assessed. Our colleagues perform their daily workload, which is constantly increasing, under a high level of pressure. In doing so, they are responsible for the implementation of the relevant laws and regulations and treat our foreign fellow citizens with respect. I expect the same in reverse! We have reported the offences to the police and banned the man from the premises.”

Ronni Krug, the councillor responsible for personnel, citizen services and order, immediately went on site to see the damage and spoke to the employees concerned. “One can certainly imagine the impact such aggressive behaviour has on the employees. The intensity of the violence and the destructiveness do not leave colleagues unscathed. Our thanks go to the employees of our security company who prevented worse things from happening through their immediate and prudent actions. However, the state of Saxony-Anhalt also has a role to play in dealing with today’s crimes.

Almost weekly, the foreigners authorities have to implement new laws and regulations. However, there is no support compensation from the state. I see an urgent need for action here. In addition, in the coming days we will again have to hold consultations with the police on issues around the security of the building and especially of the employees.”

“Of course we are pleased with the praise from Mr Ronni Krug,” Toussaint continued. “But I am especially pleased that none of our employees were injured while performing their security duties.” The CONDOR Group is happy to offer to get involved in the dialogue with the police around the topic of security announced by Alderman Krug. “After all, we are present at various locations of the city administration in Magdeburg, we know what dangers arise in everyday life and can contribute meaningful insights to the preventive situation picture of the police. In addition, the short line to the police is an important aspect for the safety of our own employees,” Cornelius Toussaint and Mike Schattka agree in conclusion.

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